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Back Pain - Spine Care Treatments

Untreated back pain may hinder the healing process by fatiguing the immune system. Discomfort can needlessly prolong the rehabilitation process by obstructing exercise and increasing the risk of psychological distress on the patient. Traditional methods of treatment include pain medications, chiropractic manipulation, physical therapy or surgery. But did you know that there are new, effective methods of pain relief now available?

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Lumbar Pain

Chronic lower back pain can take many forms, including sciatica, spinal stenosis, arthritis and muscle strain. While home remedies such as bed rest and hot/cold application are often the first course of action for lower back pain, Tri City Pain Associates has a number of treatment options for persistent discomfort. These include medication, surgery and other form of therapy. Please see the videos below for more information on specific maladies and their treatment.

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