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Stem Cell Injections

As the cutting edge in pain management, the objective of regenerative medicine is to modify or reverse the disease process while simultaneously treating the pain.

Benefits of stem cell injections for pain management:

Non-Steroidal - Steroid treatments may only be injected so often due to the possibility of potential adrenal gland dysfunction. While steroids work well for pain relief and can help patients avoid surgery, there is some concern over cartilage damage resulting from repetitive injections. The goal of the non-steroidal stem cell injections is to replace a potentially harmful substance with cell regeneration therapy. Patients potentially experience pain relief similar to that with steroids, but with no limitations on how often treatments may be administered. Additionally, therapy has the potential to promote cell regeneration.

Potential Cell Regeneration - Current injection therapies serve only to suppress symptoms and do nothing to further the treatment of the disease. While pain relief is helpful and comforting, non-stem cell methods do not reverse degenerative joint disease, fix cartilage defects, or repair intervertebral discs. Animal studies have shown stem cell injection treatments to reverse or alter the course of the disease. Best of all, tissue regenerated via stem cell injections is real natural, not synthetic, tissue.

Lasting Pain Relief - Pain management injections have excellent results on the whole. However, steroid treatments and numbing medicine eventually wear off. The potential with stem cell injections is to potentially repair damaged tissue (soft tissue or bone) to avoid the pitfall of having to return for endless treatments. Stem cell therapy may also potentially reverse the effects of arthritis.

How safe are stem cell injections?

There are two different types of stem cell injection cells: pluripotential and mesenchymal. Pluripotential cells have been shown in numerous studies to form tumors due to the fact that they occasionally fail to stop replicating. Mesenchymal stem cells have not been reported to have this same problem. The stem cells being utilized by Tri City Pain Associates are mesenchymal stem cells.